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Amaryllis Extensions Paris

10 années d'Extensions De Cheveux
charmantes, surprenanntes, époustouflantes Jamais décevantes...
extensions de cheveux sur Andréa   extensions de cheveux estelle   extensions de cheveux solly   extensions cheveux solen
extensions de cheveux sur Andréa   extensions de cheveux estelle   extensions de cheveux solly   extensions cheveux solen
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Amaryllis Extensions

Extensions:Total respect for your hair

At Amaryllis Extension Paris we can guarantee you that your hair wellbeing is respected. When we remove your hair extensions, your hair will be the same as at the beginning however just a little longer. With Amaryllis Extension Paris, you can be sure that your hair won’t ever be damaged !

Extensions: The world reference

Hair extensions: So more

More vigilant to our clients’ needs and desires , more choices of colours for your hair extensions, more delicacy when we remove your extensions, more recommendations on how to maintain your hair extensions in good condition, more years of experience, more laughs, and so much more…


If you choose Amaryllis Extension Paris, you must know that you will get the best hair extensions quality existing to the world. You should also consider that you will benefit from the unique and excellent technique used by Amaryllis when it comes to hair extension applications, a technique which has also no equivalent on the market.

Amaryllis Extension Paris and its team of devoted collaborators have been fixing hair extensions for over 10 years. In the field of hair extensions, Amaryllis Extension Paris is the N°1 choice for women willing to have very high quality hair extensions (see our standard chart quality…).

Amaryllis Extensions Paris is also  one of the rare hairdressing salons in the world to show you the quality of its hair extension applications in video!  By choosing us, you can be sure that your hair will be in no way damaged. Amaryllis Extensions Paris is the only hairdressing salon in the world to show you its customers’ hair after having withdrawn their hair extensions. (in photograph or video )

We did work with all types of hair extension methods available on the market. Indeed, at the beginning, although, they all had adopted Great Lengths, most renowned hairdressers tested the others. However, they all ended up staying with Great Lengths. They all came to the same conclusion:  Great Lengths is the hair extension method which has the best reliability and extraordinary results)

The most famous world hairdressers use the Great Lengths process to lengthen the hair and give volume and length to fine and delicate hair. It is not by accident..

Contrary to many hairdressing salons which offer hair extensions, Amaryllis Extension Paris is indeed the reference in France when it comes to professionalism in terms of applying and following-up hair extensions. Amaryllis Extension Paris is regularly consulted by most media and magazines (Elle Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, Ideal Hairstyle and Beauty, Le Monde, The Sunday newspaper, The Barber, Beauty Magazine, TF1, France 2, M6, Paris Première, Radio Nova...

Our services include a total warranty, free check-ups and follow-up appointments for your hair extensions. Security is paramount at Amaryllis Extension Paris.


extension cheveux
Amaryllis Extensions

Critères de l’Extension De Cheveux de Qualité selon Amaryllis Extensions Paris :

  1. You must be able to wash your hair extensions every day without the hair extension quality being degraded.
  2. You must at least be able to keep your hair extensions for 4 months minimum.
  3. For a complete hair extension application, you should lose no more than between 2 and 10 hair extension strands until the beginning of the 5th month
  4. You must be able to colour you hair extensions, without the hair extension quality being degraded.
  5. You must be able to bleach your hair extensions, without the hair extension quality being degraded
  6. You must be able to blow-dry your hair extensions every day without either the hair extension quality being degraded or losing any hair extension strand during the blow dry
  7. You must be able to perm these hair extensions without the hair extension quality being degraded.
  8. You must be able to go to the sea or the swimming pool every day without the hair extension quality being degraded.
  9. In all cases, whatever is done to your hair extensions, or how long you keep them, these must remain the same quality as from the first to the very last day.
  10. Your extensions must be smooth, soft upon touching, gentle and shiny just like some beautiful & healthy hair would be.
  11. In no case, should you have your hair damaged damaged when you remove your hair extensions.
  12. Your hair extensions must be as easy to style as natural hair.
  13. One should not see the difference  between your hair and the hair extensions after a blow dry.
  14. While letting your hair extensions dry naturally, there should be no shift / difference between your hair and the hair extensions, your hair must be and look natural.
  15. In theory, you must be able to use any type of hair care on your hair without having the hair extension quality damaged or the hair extensions tending to slip.
  16. You should not have any colour difference between your hair and your hair extensions, once the hair extension application is finished. If there is any risk of colour difference, the hair colour must be readjusted before of the hair extension application and not the reverse.
  17. One must be able to apply hair extensions on very highlighted or diffused highlighted hair without having any colour difference.
  18. If necessary, to create some highlight effects, known as diffuse, one must be able to play with different thicknesses of hair extensions strands. The hair extension strand thickness applied can go from 1/2 cm to 3 mm. (Amaryllis will indeed attach hair extension strands to your hair that are incredibly thin if necessary. Very few hair dressing salons in the world do that…)
  19. The extension strands used must be, before being attached or cut, of equal thickness from the bonding tip to the hair ends. In short, hair extensions strands should not be flaxen.


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